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    1. Hi Markus,
      This was made only for YouTube. If you like this concept (syncopated grooves) I’m making a course about that, It will be released this year.

  1. Hello Felipe. a suggestion : Is it possible for the members to have the music you are using for the grooves ? Country train, double stroke, funky etc etc

    1. Hi Laurent,
      The songs I’m using are from a platform called epidemic sound. Unfortunately I cannot include these songs here because of copyright laws.
      Epidemic sound is a great platform with a lot of songs in different styles of music.
      What I suggest to you and all members is to have a look and if you are looking for backing tracks to practice, this is the place –

      P.S. I’m already making the new courses and I will include more backing tracks for the members. All will be available soon, stay tuned 😉

      1. Hello Felipe, I understand your point. I will have a look on Epidemic. thanks a lot for your work. I stay tuned for the new courses coming

  2. Hi Felipe,
    how can I get the pdf ebook Finger Roll Groove?
    I have signed up for the pdf ebook but didn’t receive the file.

    1. Hi Markus,
      Any tutorial from YouTube that has a Pdf available is in the Free area. As a member you have a direct access to the Free area in the Menu above ⬆️
      From now it’s also available here in the Cajon Groove Library 😉 Have fun!