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    1. This is great Kerryn! I’m happy to know that.
      Keep sharing your progress here in the site.
      Feel free to share a video of you playing in the forums. I would love to see and give feedback if you like.

  1. Thank you Felipe,
    This course was great! I learnt the cajon about 5 years ago. I was in a combination class of different levels and always felt there were bits and pieces I just didn’t grasp I.e. subdivisions. No fault of the teacher! I’m ashamed to say my poor cajon went to live in a wardrobe! This class ( & your YT videos) and your wonderful explanations/ demonstrations have reignited my love of the instrument! My cajon is happy!

    1. This is great Jackie! I’m glad to have helped you to get back on track 😉 Let me know if you need any further help, cheers!

    1. Hi Ketan! Great to know about your progress here.
      Keep working on it and you will get good results, I’m sure!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you Felipe, this is such a great, course and you are so inspiring to work with. Obrigado

    1. Hi David! Thanks for your message.
      I’m o glad to know you enjoy the course.
      Feel free to share your progress in the forums, I would love to watch you playing 😉 Keep having fun with the other courses and if you need any help, I’m here 🙂

  3. Hi Felipe, as I am increasing the tempo, I noticed that my ghost notes are much louder than they should be. Is it then better to play at a lower tempo to really to get the technique right, or would you recommend to stay at the higher tempo but focus more on the ghost notes. I hope my question makes sense. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dominique,
      thanks for your message.
      Always practice slow! 🙂 If the ghost notes are louder when you increase the tempo you should spend more time with the pattern slow until you integrate it. It can take a bit of time but after you get it, it will be automatic with any tempo (slow or fast). Ghost notes are the one of the most important techniques for the grooves of the courses, and master them with the right volume it’s the goal here.
      Feel free to share a video to get feedback, you can share it with me in the Forums section or via message here in the members area.
      Keep working on it and let me know how it goes 😉

  4. Hi Felipe. Me again… Thanks for your reply to my previous question.
    In order to get a good deep bass sound I have to reach about 1 1/2 to 2 inch lower than the way you show it in your video. Could it have a negative impact on my posture long term and should I try to get my bass tone by hitting closer to the top edge of the cajon.
    I really enjoy your program and since I just started I just want to make sure I don’t have to unlearn bad habits down the road. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Dominique,
      Thanks again for reaching out.
      It’s important to keep the posture steady as I explained, to not hurt yourself. The bass sound will probably be different depending with cajon model or brand you have. It would be easir for me to give you some feedback about that if you send a video showing your playing position of posture and hands. it can be with your mobile no worries.
      you can send it via messages here or post it in the forum “member videos/recordings”
      Hope it helps

      1. Hi Phil,
        Im really sorry about that. Thanks for let me know. It will be solved shortly.
        I’ll let you know as soon as it is back.

  5. 100% complete yeah!! I’ll continue to practice it as it takes time to combine speed and power perfectly !
    Awesome course thank you Felipe.
    See you in the Fills Course 😀
    Cheers !!

  6. Thanks Felipe,
    I appreciate all the lessons, it’s really well done. I do the tests every day to improve the ghost notes and the’s so much easier to accompany you on the video when I record myself alone I hear all that I have to practice so that it is to my liking.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I’m glad to know you’ve enjoyed the course. The tests are very important to check your progress. Another tip to you is to film yourself practicing, this will help to see how you playing.
      Do that and let me know.
      And if need something, hit me up!
      Keep on groovin

  7. Thanks Felipe. The foundation course helped me unlearn a lot of things and learn it with right technique and right way. I started enjoying my playing and I know its still along way to go. I feel proud of enrolling to right course. Thanks once again!

    1. Hi Tanmay,
      Great to know that you enjoy the course and more important that you are enjoying playing and progressing on the instrument. Keep enjoying and let me know if you need anything 😉
      Proud of you 🙂 cheers!

    1. Very happy to know that David! Keep up the good work and let me know how it goes with the next course 😉

  8. You are a miracle worker. I knew I had problems with 16th note ghost notes being consistent. Alternating hands would solve that problem, but I couldn’t seem to do it. Literally spent a couple hours going through all of this Foundation course and there’s already a noticeable improvement especially with alternating hand strikes. Of course I’ll be going over this course again and again, but I cant wait to get into the courses too!

    1. Hey Derrick,
      Glad to hear you are enjoying it and already seeing the improvement. Keep up the work and let me know if you need anything.

  9. Less than 3 weeks in, and I can already play everything from the basic course – it’s so satisfying! Every lesson feels like a level up, like something “clicks” – every time! Great course – thank you, Felipe. I haven’t had this much fun in ages. 😄

    1. Hi Rasmus,
      It’s great to hear you are having fun with the course! Keep up the good work and of course keep having fun always! Can’t wait to know how it goes with the following courses 😉 Enjoy!

  10. Excellent course! Both fun & full of important info! Learned so much and definitely feel like I have a good base knowledge to build on now! Thank you so much, Felipe!

    1. Hi Aimee, great to hear you made progress and feel confident with what you have learned. Keep enjoying the courses and contact me if you need anything, cheers!

  11. What a super fantastic course Felipe! I feel really good with what I’ve learned so far and I’m enjoying the progress I’m experiencing. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Benjamin,
      So great to know about your progress with the course. Keep enjoying and having fun with the courses. And if you need anything, I’m here 😉 cheers!

  12. yeah completed! Thank you for these wonderful lessons. It’s easy to follow and playing with you is a lot of fun. When I practice with the metronome the most difficult things for me are staying in the pattern for a longer time and holding the tempo. I am tending to speed up a little bit and than my technique is getting inaccurate 🙃 so I have a lot of work to do…😉
    See you in the next course!

    1. Hi Michaela, great to know about your progress and also point out the things to improve. That’s the spirit 😉. Don’t hesitate if you want to send a video of you playing to get feedback from me, you’re welcome to do that. Keep up the good work!

  13. Really good intro to the cajon! I think I’d be floundering, trying to find a way to get started on this instrument if it weren’t for this course. Glad I got started on the basics. Thanks, Felipe! On to the next course!