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  • Michal Simik

    June 8, 2022 at 5:34 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Michal from Czech Republic here. I do not consider myself as a musician, but I’ve always wanted to play drums. My first try with electronic ones ended up with selling them after months of collecting dust. Then at one bachelor party my friends came up with a cajon and we found out that my few trainings on drums were good enough so we jammed a little.

    Those friends have a small band and they are playing at small birthday parties, weddings (Two guitars and violin). And after two years they took me with them to try it with cajon. And it was absolutely great. And when they gave me some money they had from the gig, it was obvious that I have to invest those to myself and learn how to be even better at cajon playing.

    So here I am. Trying to learn something new on the borrowed cheapest cajon made by Gecko and be ready for the next gig. And then maybe to buy my own cajon.

    PS: I’ve recorded one song from that gig if you are interested. It was towards the end so sorry for the audio and music quality 🙂