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  • Peter Dreiske

    June 25, 2022 at 11:24 pm

    Hello Fellow Cajon Players,

    My name is Pete from Southern California…I just recently bought a Meinl Snarecraft Professional Cajon with the walnut tapa, and the cool 2 in 1 snare on-off knob. I’ve been playing it now for a few weeks. I was a drummer as a kid, but since then I’ve been mostly a jazz guitarist. I played in some clubs, various concerts, ultimately with the highlight of playing in the Montreaux Jazz Festival in a big band. My goal is to become proficient and creative as a cajon player, and improve my overall sense of time and groove; which I think is a lifelong journey. I’ve come to understand the cajon is a remarkable instrument in its own right, with a long and significant history; not just a crude replacement for a drumset as I once thought! How wrong I was! I ultimately want to be able to record high quality demos with me on cajon, bass, and guitar…and just play Cajon with friends and family!

    Thanks and Best Regards,