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  • Ernests

    July 6, 2022 at 11:04 pm


    I am 38-year old from Riga, Latvia. I’ve learned piano in music school, singed in various choirs since childhood, but always had good sense for rhythm – I even considered to switch to drums in music school but was discouraged to do so.

    My friends build me a cajon on their own as a present in around 2010, so I occasionally played on it until I joined a worship band in my parish. I’ve played with them for about 2 years until our first child was born – it changes plans and habits as most of you might know 🙂 So I had a considerable pause and cajon was entertaining kids at the Sunday school for about 9 years now. But just recently I’ve been asked to join another parish band so it’s time to get the juices flowing and improve upon my skill.

    The main goal/ambition is to:

    – get better at coming up with grooves so that they are not too repetitive nor boring (so that each song sounds different)

    – during rehearsals I want to have an ability to write down a pattern if I or others find it the best for particular song (as mainly I improvise on the spot based on some main song pattern)

    – get better at various fills

    – improve technique as I basically have learned by myself and maybe it’s not the most optimal way even if it sounds ok

    So basically I want get more professional at cajon. Being a father of 4 still has some constraints on free time, so I hope these courses will help me out to focus better on may goals.