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  • Stephen Linehan

    November 21, 2022 at 4:16 pm


    My name’s Steve. I just turned 70 one week ago so it’s possible that I might be the oldest member of the Cajon Master Subscribers!

    I’ve been playing kit drums, congas and cajon for many years now…though not congas for the past few years. I’m entirely self-taught on all the instruments which both is, and is not, a good thing. On kit drums I’ve played in various “rock” bands, all amateur, over the years. On cajon I mainly play with my current, and only band, when the drum kit isn’t appropriate. I’ve also played in a couple of ceilidh bands solely on cajon.

    The reason I’ve joined this community is that I love playing the cajon and I now want to learn how to play it properly. Up until now, I’ve played it as though I were playing a drum kit. This isn’t necessarily bad, but…when I listen to very good cajon players, which Felipe most certainly is, that’s how I want to play and sound.

    This is an adventure I’m very much looking forward to.