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  • Dimitri

    May 31, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Hello everyone

    I’m Dimitri, originally from Belgium, but living with my family just over the border in The Netherlands. My daughter Nika (11y) is taking drum lessons, but last week her teacher introduced the cajon to her and encouraged her to take on the cajon too, in addition to the drum kit. Luckily we already have a cajon at home I have built myself about 20 years ago. Never really did a lot with it though. Because Nika is discouraged easily I asked Felipe to advise me on how to motivate her. Felipe was so kind to send us a personal video response the same day! Now instead of investing money on a new cajon now, I wanted to return the favor to Felipe by purchasing the courses. All though there is so much quality stuff on the website already. And in addition to Felipe’s valuable advice to Nika, I will learn to play the cajon together with her. I am so excited.