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  • earthechoes

    July 19, 2023 at 11:27 am

    Greetings to all

    Hi I’m Lee.

    I live in Gloucestershire in the UK. I had been playing Djembe for couple of years but the group I played with fell apart during the lockdowns fiasco. I took up archery and Djembe then fell by the wayside.

    I play a little Didgeridoo and acoustic guitar. I first came across the Cajon at small didge festivals, quite a few years ago now…. I then thought at the time how good it sounded especially when accompanied by a good didgeridoo player. My partner still plays and teaches Djembe and has her own group that she meets up with, but my archery has now taken precedent over the Djembe workshops as the timings clash. I still love drumming, the energy and the vibe it brings about, so I thought I would get myself a Cajon.

    I have the Meinl pickup baltic birch which sounds great.

    Loving the foundation course. massive help with learning to play with ghost notes which I had never done before.

    Thanks Filepe for your you tube vids they are what drew me to try the Cajon.