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    September 14, 2023 at 11:23 am

    Hello from Hankasalmi, Finland!

    Well, last week happened so, that in the need of a percussionist I needed to sit on, and somehow survive with a cajon on an (non-professional) skiffle band rehearsal. So: have I been playing the cajon only about 1 whole hour!

    But, djembe do I own, and that instrument have I played anyway, and some shaman drums, too, and have had at least some possibility to try (afro + latin) with the other “hand drums” (congas etc.) anyway, and those I like a lot – so I still am alive 😉

    The first touch to cajon was anyway quite inspiring: so I checked what the YouTube might have to offer me – and found your free 3 lesson beginner course. At home played it through with a cardboard box as a substitute to the real cajon, and at the end you offered the possibility to join in with the bundle of 4 courses. I hope, with those I get more understanding and know-how of different rhythms – I mean styles – for to being able to play it “right and properly”. And, of course the playing technique specially for this instrument, too. So: here I am.

    I do not own a cajon (yet) – but need to buy or rent one, of course. I only want the SOUND to be as much the one, that pleases my ear, so I think, it takes some time to find just the one that I want to be mine.

    I am a professional music teacher and music therapist. 62 years young, so in a very good age to start something almost new, right? My main or professional instruments – those which I teach – are recorder, classical guitar and ukulele. So: my main musical comfort zone is early and classical music. But I have played also tuba, cello, bass, piano, and sung. So: that background might help me with the cajon, or vice versa: be a ball and chain. We´ll see…