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  • Christine Hoffmann

    September 20, 2023 at 6:25 pm

    Hello Andy,

    I recently have tried to fix an older Meinl cajon that actually came from the manufacturer with guitar strings in it (the label on the back says “guitar string cajon”). So, it is possible to fix yours with a guitar string, but it will definitely change the sound. You might not want one side of your drum sounding different from the other side. I have never seen replacement cajon wires for sale, but of course they might be out there. I would suggest contacting Meinl directly for a replacement part or working with your local music store. If you decide to use a guitar string, just take a good look at the thickness of the wire in your drum and how closely it lays against the front plate and try to match that. The situation I am in with the one I’m fixing is no matter how tight or loose I “tune” the strings, there is an awful “twang” from the strings. Doesn’t matter if I tape the strings to the front plate or stick bits of fabric between the front plate and the wires, I still get that yucky twang along with the normal cajon sounds. I think the front plate might warped so the strings are not laying properly against it.

    Anyway, good luck fixing yours!

    ~ Christine